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10 Tips You Need To Know For Body Positive Thoughts

Your weight DOES NOT define your worth.

I have wanted to touch on the topic of body positivity and share my thoughts with you on this subject for quite some time. I want to be sure that I approach this topic appropriately and sensitively, as I know we have all struggled with negative self-talk/thoughts at least once in our lives.

I want to encourage you to love yourself, respect yourself, admire yourself, forgive yourself, accept yourself, and nurture yourself! Today is the day to stop the negative thoughts, talk, and instead love yourself for everything you are and everything you are not. Yes, It's okay to embrace the imperfections; without them we would not be ourselves.

You are not the weight on the scale, you are not the length of your hair, you are not your favorite brand of makeup, you are not the brand of clothing you wear.

You are worthy of wonderful things.

Instead of outward beauty, focus on having a pretty mind, a loving heart, and a beautiful soul. Trust in God's purpose for your life and know that you were created in his image.

10 Body Positive Tips

1. View Yourself Wholly

You are not made up of physical qualities or objects. View yourself as a whole person. Your perfections and imperfections are a piece of you, own them!

2. Stop Negative Talk/Thoughts

You know those thoughts that creep in? The thoughts that are negative towards your size, shape, flaws; or another person's appearance? Start voicing and thinking positively about your body and others instead. Give someone a compliment not relating to physical appearances.

3. Be Mindful About What You Think Is "Pretty"

Instead of focusing on things that are outwardly pretty; how about pretty strong, pretty loving, pretty inspiring, and pretty encouraging? Train your mind to rethink the word "pretty."

4. Choose Your Health Over That Fad Diet

Instead of "I need to lose 5-10lbs before I'm confident in myself." Why not create a sustainable healthy lifestyle that allows you food freedom along with regular movement? That doesn't mean going to the gym everyday, but instead staying active and "feeding to fuel" your body.

5. Clean Your Social Media Feeds

Unfollow/Delete Accounts that make you feel "less-than" or make you feel bad about yourself. Instead, follow people who encourage you and inspire you to be your best self.

6. Create a Positive Circle/Influence

Who are you surrounding yourself with in-person and on social media? Surround yourself with people (in-person and online) who encourage you and inspire you. It's important that these people are talking positively about themselves and others.

7. Love The Original and Unique

Body positivity and self-love goes way past weight. Love all of the things that make you unique; freckles, scars, all of it!

8. Stop The Comparison Trap

Comparison is the thief of joy. The moment you start comparing yourself to someone else, change the route your thoughts are taking you. The sun and moon both shine, but appear at different times. Keep track of your own accomplishments and not focus on others.

9. Approve Of Yourself

Stop criticizing yourself and instead accept that perfection is impossible. Accept that you are growing and you are doing great things. A fruit tree does not produce fruit immediately, it takes years to mature and grow. Growth is necessary.

10. Change The Way You Think

Appreciate what you are surrounded by. Change negative situations with positive thoughts. There is always a positive in each situation, some are just harder to find.

I love you, you beautiful soul!


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