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5 Steps To Save Yourself From Comparison; The Silent Confidence Killer

Comparison is one of the strongest silent killers of confidence. It can be so easy to get lost in a downward spiral of comparison. It usually starts with self-doubt, and while we don't like to admit it; we have all struggled with it at least once. We all have our own paths, and we are meant to walk them for a reason. We are all at different stages in our lives. Some may seem "farther ahead" than us, but that simply isn't the case. We are all running our own race in life for a reason, and we are all continually growing. Physically, Spiritually, and Mentally.

1. Realize that YOU are enough, that you deserve all good things. We all do.

You are more than enough, just by being you. Be yourself, don't try and be someone you're not to fit in with the latest trends, let the true you shine through.

2. Admire Someone Else's Beauty, Without Questioning Your Own.

You have a beautiful heart, soul, and mind. Beauty is not always about "looking pretty."

If your inner beauty doesn't shine outward, it's time for some self-reflection.

3. Honor Your Pace.

Life isn't a race, honor your pace and respect yourself for all of the things you have gone through to get you to where you are today. Self-love is like the much needed water for the garden we call life.

4. Captivate Yourself With Purpose

By giving yourself a purpose, comparison won't act as a distraction. Captivating your purpose won’t pull you away from who you are supposed to be, where you are supposed to go, and what you are supposed to do. Follow your own purpose and path, and don't let someone else's purpose distract you from keeping track of your own.

5. Love Yourself: Self-Love

LOVE IT ALL. When I say love, I am talking about the good, the bad, the beautiful imperfections. Start loving yourself and whole-heartedly understanding that you are an imperfect human being and that literally NO ONE is perfect (besides Jesus of course.) Once you start loving yourself and accepting yourself for the real you, your confidence will not only soar, but you will also be able to love others whole heartedly too.

All that to say, I am here to encourage you, to love on you, to let you know that you are NOT alone. Don't let the silent killer comparison sneak into your life and kill your confidence, because you deserve the world, and the world deserves you.


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