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5 Tools You Need To Climb Life's Mountain in 2020

I can't believe 2020 is already HERE! When I was a kid, I used to think that 2020 was forever away; but we made it!

So often we get to the beginning of a new year and start making all of these goals and resolutions, only to find that 6 months down the road we lost track of our vision or we let the obstacles in our lives steer us away unintentionally!

My aspiration this year (and for this decade) is to continuously be a light to YOU! I want to be an individual in your life (in person or virtually) who encourages you daily, inspires you to get outside of your comfort zone in multiple aspects of your life, and to be that someone who pushes you to be confident in yourself and inspires you to try new things!

I want to encourage you to get outside of the walls you are living in! Whether that means traveling to a new place, learning something new about yourself, pursuing a dream or passion, and becoming confident in who you are and what you have to offer!

I combined 5 tools to help you get past the obstacles that may come your way this year.

With the right mindset and the right tools, you can do anything you set your mindset to.

1. Faith - Have faith in yourself and in God. Know that all things happen for a reason! If life get's tough and there are obstacles in your way, just realize that it may be a growth period. There will be situations that are difficult to get through, but they will only teach you how to overcome them and in the end you will be stronger for it!

2. A Strong Support System - Make sure you have a strong support system (especially for life's trials.) This can be family, friends, a significant other, anyone that has your best interests at heart. Tip: If there are people in your life who are only there because you are offering them something in return, chances are they are not the best choice. It's okay to say goodbye to the people who don't uplift you or help you feel joy. If you feel stressed or anxious being around these types of people, chances are they are not the right people to have in your life. And though it may be difficult, it's time to say goodbye.

3. Confidence - Be confident in yourself! DO NOT allow another person's opinion, rejection, or behavior rock you.

4. A Comparison-Free Mindset - You WILL NOT grow if you continually compare yourself to others. We all grow at different rates and we all go through our own trials. Comparing yourself to other people will only cause anxiety, self-doubt, and jealousy. THERE IS NO ROOM FOR THAT HERE. Say goodbye to comparison and instead replace it with admiration, joy, and positivity towards others. It is absolutely okay to applaud and be excited for another persons success and accomplishments without questioning your own.

5. Positive Outlook - A positive mindset is key to living a healthy life; especially mentally. How you react to situations that come your way will pave your day, month, and year. We cannot always control situations, obstacles, or life; but how we react to them is how we OVERCOME them. Instead of looking at everything in a negative life think..

- How Can I Overcome This?

- What Can I Do to Adapt?

- What Can I Learn From This Situation?

- How Is This Situation Helping Me Grow?

Please know I am ALWAYS here if you need a listening ear,

shoulder to lean on, or encouragement. Never hesitate to reach out.


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