Ember Goods; Olympia, Washington

As a lifestyle blogger and photographer, I am always on the hunt for "the perfect coffee shop". A coffee shop that makes you feel at home while working on blogs, editing photos, and responding to emails. Oddly enough, places like these can be hard to find. I first came across Ember Goods while scrolling through Instagram and was immediately drawn to them after seeing the layout of their shop. At first I thought it was just another one of those amazing shops that you bookmark and only dream of going to, but I was pleasantly surprised when I realized Ember Goods was located in Olympia, Washington.

Ember Goods is co-owned by; Logan Smith + Bonita Creel, along with their friends Nick + Jessica Terrell. The shop started as a dream that became a reality. The four friends being creatives themselves had a dream of creating a space where other artists, photographers, bloggers, and creatives alike could meet and collaborate. Together they created a space that provides an ability to connect with others and to also showcase high-quality clothing and goods brought from the Pacific Northwest region. One of the things that drew me to them is that the coffee they roast is organic, fair-trade, and shade grown. The other quality I love about Ember Goods is their goal to support local brands and artists in the area.

Photography by Casey Jones

While there, my typical "go-to" is their Bullet Coffee. Espresso, blended with Fourth + Heart Vanilla Bean Ghee, a hint of brown sugar, and my order of almond milk. My other favorite is their Golden Milk latte, perfect for those gut healing properties, and a nice warm treat on a cold winter day. If you're in the area stop by Ember Goods, get yourself a coffee, enjoy some conversation, meet other creatives, and explore all of the great local goods they have to offer.

Love your caffeineoholic

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Ember Goods:

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