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March Detox Box Review: Pai Skincare

I have been a HUGE fan of Pai Skincare forever, so when I saw that they were the featured brand in The Detox Market Box for March, I could hardly contain my excitement!

Let's talk about all the goodies in this months box!

Light Work: A gentle cleanser that helps condition dry skin and remove dirt, SPF, and makeup with a blend of rosehip, olive, and sunflower oils.

Such a delightful cleanser, works great to removed makeup and leaves my skin feeling moisturized.

All Becomes Clear: A powerful moisturizer helping with the Maskne (cause you know we ALL are struggling) formulated with zinc and copaiba.

The All Becomes Clear is a wonderful moisturizer and powerhouse formulated with zinc to help aid with maskne and other blemishes.

Rosehip Bioregenerate: I LOVE THIS oil. I've been using it for years! Featuring rosehip seed oil and extract, I combine it with my moisturizer for a powerful duo.

This oil instantly soothes and softens my skin leaving a beautiful natural glow.

System D Eye Serum: Great for puffy eyes after you wake up in the morning, a delightful plumping serum that locks in moisture. All about that omega-rich ceramide complex and delightful schisandra helps boost under eye skin.

This box is going to sell out (if it hasn't already) all the products inside are valued at $206, but you can get it for $58.95/mo. fromThe Detox Market. (I've been getting their box since 2017, and LOVE it)

Get your Detox Market Box here.

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