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Stop Making Resolutions and Instead Create Intentions

Can you believe that 2018 has already began? Believe me, I can't either.

For some reason the start of a new year brings along all of these huge expectations.

I get it, everyone wants to have a fresh start. Maybe something happened in 2017 that you would rather forget, so the promise of a New Year adds that extra hope you wanted and needed. Maybe you lost someone special to you, a relationship didn't work out, or you didn't lose those extra pounds you were hoping to lose. Maybe 2017 was the best year yet.

Did you get married, buy a house, have a baby, graduate college, or became successful with your job? Let's be honest, regardless of what happened; 2018 won't bring you that extra hope unless your mindset changes. I am here to encourage you!

To be successful in 2018 you must "Stop Making Resolutions and instead Create Intentions".

Instead create a plan for your life and follow through with it.

Resolutions are like a bad diet, you follow along with healthy eating and working out for awhile.. but unless you make it a lifestyle; eventually it will fade and you will be back to your old ways.

After reading an article from the Tribunist about a 27 year old woman who wrote her last letter before she passed away from cancer, I realized that Life is Much More.

What if you were told that you only have a week to live? Or maybe you weren't given a warning. All of those minor problems you are facing would simply vanish. Now you wouldn't be worried about losing those extra pounds, finding the love of your life, be worried about the amount of Instagram followers you have, or the fact that you are thousands of dollars in debt due to school.


Would you laugh more?

Would you love with all of your being?

Would you appreciate what you have instead of always wanting more?

Would you eat that slice of cake knowing it would be your last?

Would you put down your phone and just breathe in the moments with friends and family?

Would you take that trip you have been dreaming of?

Would you stare at the sky and be in awe of the beautiful blue it bestows?

Would you inhale that fresh pine scent from the trees and take your last hike?

What would you do? This isn't meant to be morbid, it's meant for you to look at life as a whole. This is your life, take advantage of your good health. Find the positive in every situation, whether good or bad. If you look hard enough you will find one. Stop looking at those around you and wishing you were them. Make your life "yours." There is and only ever will be; one you. Make the most of what you have already, and make it count.

As always I am here for you. I am interested in hearing what your intentions are. If you find yourself struggling or are excited about your intentions for 2018; I want to hear about it! Email me or send me a message, I would love to hear about your life, and learn more about what makes you, you.


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