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The Benefits of Double-Cleansing

Double-cleansing has quickly become one of my favorite parts to my daily routine. Our faces are our most exposed piece of skin. They are constantly exposed to dirt, makeup, sweat, dust, and dead skin cells which can cause breakouts, buildup, and lead to dull skin tones.

Double-cleansing uses two face washes, which allows the initial dirt and makeup to be cleaned from the skin before cleansing the bare skin itself. By double cleansing this allows your skin to be cleaned effectively all while helping promote that healthy radiate glow.

Two of the main things to cleanse the skin for is to get rid of the "dirt" that is built up after a day of wearing makeup and also other elements such as sweat, dead skin cells, and dust.

Something to keep in mind is that oil removes oil (even for blemished or oily skin.)

Step 1: Botanical B Enzyme Cleansing Oil

Using an oil-based cleanser removes dust, makeup, and also hydrates the skin.

With clean dry hands start by applying a small amount of the Botanical B Cleansing Oil to your face and gently massage into the skin. After massaging for a few minutes, you can remove with water.

Step 2: Botanical A Facial Cleanser

The Botanical A Cleanser is filled with Vitamin A, *AHA's and BHA's. This acid combo allows for the skin to be taken care of at the surface level and also at a deeper level involving the pores. Apply a small amount to your hands with a water and massage while allowing the cleanser to foam. Not only will this help exfoliate your skin but the Vitamin A will keep your skin nourished and hydrated.

Tip: AHA's: (alpha-hydroxy acids) and BHA's: (beta-hydroxy acids) are helpful acids that assist with skin exfoliation.

Step 3: Botanical C Facial Serum

Use a dime size amount of the Botanical C Facial Serum to keep that moisture in and allow the ingredients to work their magic on your skin. The scent of the Botanical C Facial Serum is heavenly. It's like having a tropical paradise in a bottle. Filled with Vitamin C Ester and papya enzymes, your skin will thank you!

What are your thoughts about double-cleansing? Have you tried it before?

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