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The Detox Market: Osmia Organics Review

First of all, let me just say I love Osmia Organics. When I heard that Osmia Organics was featured in the July Detox Box from The Detox Market; I did a little happy dance. Yes, alone in my kitchen.. okay maybe not alone because let's be honest my little labradoodle Stanley is always hanging around. Everyone else must have known about how amazing they are too, because the box was sold out in record time. I first heard about Osmia Organics around the time I had my surgery last August. I was on the hunt for a clean soap to use in the shower. While I never expected to switch to bar soap for my daily body wash; after finding out more about the scents and ingredients they use; I just couldn't keep myself from coming back for more!

While this post is specifically about my review of the July Detox Market Box featuring Osmia Organics, you will be seeing a blog very soon about my love for their soaps.

July's Detox Box from The Detox Market highlighted products from Osmia Organics which were valued at $158, but the Detox Box Monthly Subscription delivers at $49 per month. You can also go in and select a box for each month, after the reveal!

But hurry, because they sell out quick!

Osmia Organics delivered with their Purely Simple Face Cream ($60), and their Nectar Vital Rose Drops ($98).

Who Is Osmia Organics?

The creator of Osmia Organics, Sarah Villafranco is based out of Carbondale, Colorado. Prior to creating Osmia, Sarah was originally an emergency medicine physician. After taking a soap class, she found that her true love was creating soaps, lotions, and scents. Her goal of helping people choose natural and organic skin care products became a reality and thus Osmia Organics was created in 2012. She guides people to make healthier choices for their skin, bodies, and minds all while promoting a healthy lifestyle and reaping the benefits of planet earth. You can read her full story here.

She and I have interacted here and there, and I can't help but be amazed by her humbleness, and kindness. She truly has the sweetest soul. I have learned many things from her, and always love hearing how excited she gets about the next creation she is formulating.

Purely Simple Face Cream

This cream is perfectly described by it's name, "purely simple". The face cream does wonders for sensitive skin, as it is pure and the ingredients used are plant-sourced. There is organic aloe juice which gave my skin the hydration it needs.There is a small amount of organic, vegetable-derived glycerin which helped my skin retain it's moisture.

It is a simple cream with a big job, and it sure gets the job done. After using this cream my face was noticeably smoother and well hydrated.

With clean hands, apply to clean skin 1-2 times daily.  Replace clear cap after each use. Shelf life is 6 months.

Nectar Vital Rose Drops

These drops are insane. These drops added that special "oomph" to the purely simple face cream. This special liquid gold adds the extra nourishment my face needed to stay hydrated and remain lustrous. After adding a few drops of the vital nectar to the face cream, I started noticing how well my skin retained moisture. The organic oils of safflower, argan, prickly pear, and pumpkin seed worked well together and created a smooth texture which left my skin satisfied and vying for more. The added rose hip helped prevent sun damage, while the organic rose otto essential oil, wild Australian sandalwood essential oil, and jasmine extract created a heavenly scent.

Add a couple drops to your daily moisturizer or serum (clean & green of course.) and watch these drops transform your skin.

What I especially love about Osmia Organics is that each product they create has a label of what they call "The Tox Screen."

The Tox Screen includes all of the nasty toxins you won't find hiding in their products.

No parabens - interferes with natural hormone levels.

No phthalates - increasingly linked to obesity, breast cancer, thyroid dysfunction, etc.

No sulfates - dermal irritant

No petrochemicals - (ex. petroleum jelly & mineral oil) - comedogenic (pore-blocking) properties.

No ethoxylated ingredients - has caused mutations in other species, contaminant of water

No synthetic color - toxicity

No synthetic fragrance - highly allergenic, known to cause headaches, can be listed as a single ingredient without listing all the components it comprises (Osmia Organics).

The best way for you discover green beauty products and to stay away from ingredients that are toxic to your skin is to subscribe to The Detox Market's Detox Box. Get the August box here, before it's gone!

Meanwhile, I am here to answer any questions you may have regarding ingredients and green beauty inquiries.

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